Naturally GlutenFree is not just our business name, it’s also our lifestyle choice.

Naturally GlutenFree was started by us, Ash & Kirsty Ghahramani and Brendan & Sue-Ellen Miotello, in 2007. Coming from professional backgrounds in both the production and business sides of gourmet bakeries, personal experience with coeliac disease highlighted a dire need for quality gluten free products.

We are also committed to healthy eating and ensuring our growing families consume the cleanest food possible. In those early days the gluten free market was a murky arena of confusing claims and dodgy additives. We believe strongly that any ingredients list should be easy to understand. We became obsessed with the challenge of creating a great tasting gluten free bread made from premium quality ingredients, and no added nasties!

Experimenting with our own recipes was a great way to uncover the dirty little secrets of many other products – gas-flushed bags, hydrochloric acid and lots of sugar, to mention but a few … It took a lot of experimentation with different combinations but we nailed it! A delicious tasting gluten free bread with just seven ingredients – water, tapioca, non GM corn, organic quinoa, yeast, sea salt and guar gum (a thickener made from the guar berry, a much better natural option than modified starch).

This success was the impetus we needed to shift the focus of our careers to become a boutique bakery dedicated exclusively to creating amazing gluten free products that are free from any additives or preservatives. We were all looking for somewhere to put down roots, both professionally and personally. We fell in love with the Central Coast of NSW, and its laidback, healthy lifestyle, and relocated. Since then both the business and our families have grown. We are proud members of our community and love that we provide employment opportunities for locals.

Naturally GlutenFree is committed to working with businesses that share our ethos and create a great offering for their customers. This includes quality retailers and working with cafes and restaurants to provide gluten free menu options. We also retail all of our fantastic products to the public here via our website.

If you’re looking for quality, delicious gluten free products, go to our contact page and drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!